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"Unloved" 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4     November 2012

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I used to see this Daytona around town during my College days in Alabama.   When my brother who still lives there, mentioned that the car had been parked behind owner's house for several years, I had to go take a look.  The owner bought the car in 1976, but  had  not  driven it  since 1997.   It  hadn't been started in over 12 years.   The odometer showed 23000 miles and everything on the car appeared to be original.  It was definitely unloved...

   Daytona ?click emblem

1 month later - washed and now "Loved"

... the beautiful "barn find" Daytona is now in my garage!   It will be kept in as original condition as possible as it is readied for the open road and a few days at the track as well!

1973  USA spec 

We removed the  carbs and valve covers to make an initial assessment as to the feasability of starting the engine.      

Although what we could see looked great,  the voice of  reason prevailed and we decided to pull the engine for a tear down and thorough cleaning/refreshing  before running it.  

Looks like a great winter project!

The dash cleaned up surprisingly well!

Updates are on the way

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