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The Canadian American Challenge Cup Series was arguably North America's greatest road racing series ever.   It was the  “anything goes" series that allowed unlimited engine sizes, and unlimited aerodynamics.   A car was legal in CanAm as long as it had two seats and the bodywork enclosed the wheels!   The big block American engines were standard, and were the most powerful ever used in road racing.   The cars were the fastest in the world at the time.  


The fans loved the outrageous cars, and their awesome ground shaking sound.  Racers loved the series in part because of its lack of rules.




"Racing runs by rules sometimes so restrictive that it's sometimes hard to tell where the book ends and the sport begins. Can-Am racing is a relief from the iron band of the rule book." 
Mark Donohue

CanAm race at Bridgehampton 1968

Swede Savage in the Gurney Lola T160/4 at Bridgehampton                                   1968

                      All American Racers

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Dan Gurney in the Lola T160/4 Riverside 1968

                All American Racers

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