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         (A detailed history of SL T160/4 is documented on the Owner History page)


When I purchased the car in 2005, it had last been vintage raced by Bill Swope in unrestored but somewhat tired condition.  The car had the "as raced" tub and suspension, and a Chevrolet engine - it was judged to be the "Best Original CAN-AM Car" at the Road America CAN-AM THUNDER event in 1999.

However, close inspection revealed cracked motor mounts, cracked suspension components, incorrect suspension geometry, multiple body damage repairs, etc, etc, etc.  So begins the restoration which is now in progress.

...little doubt as to the need for a rebuild!

Although as a racer, the broken motor mounts, cracked tub, repaired suspension components etc. were  a disappointment ,there was a silver lining on that dark cloud.   The original "as raced" condition of the car and the mandatory disassembly provided an unanticipated window into the cars racing history. (see the "Owner History" page on the menu bar)  The tub was original with numerous repairs typical of a car of that age - raced hard and crashed often!   

Once the engine was removed, the cutout in the chassis necessary to accommodate the starter of the car's original Ford engine was clearly visable .


The Lola T160 was designed to accommodate a Chevrolet engine without modification to the chassis.  This unique feature confirms the car's lineage back to Dan Gurney and the All American Racers.

The chassis cutout will be preserved

with the restoration as the car will again be fitted with a Ford engine

The disassembly is complete and the last few required panels are being fabricated. All usable original components are being incorporated into the restoration.   Any not reused will be saved.

August 2013 -  Slow steady progress

Dummy engine in place 

Tub is ready for disassembly, painting and final preparations for riveting

The orignal seat is being repaired and modified  to accomadate belts and HANS device.

December 2013

Panels and parts are finally back from the painter, and final assembly for riveting is underway

The new correct T160 wheels have arrived!

Feb 2014



Riveting is  done and the tub is ready to come off the jig to complete fitting of suspension, engine, gearbox, and plumbing

March 2014

Nose box being fitted to tub

Suspension components mounted to chassis.

Starting to look like a race car again!

(The highly skilled and beautiful fabrication work by Bill Moir is  apparent in these recent photos!)

April 2014

Final adjustments to the suspension components have now been completed.

The dummy Ford engine/gearbox assembly is being fitted to the chassis

August 2014

The beautiful 427 ci race engine from Ford has finally arrived and is being assemlbed

New Weber carburetors will supply the fuel

September 2014..

fabrication of the headers is completed and they're ready for paint or coating

April 2015

Engine is nearing completion

Plumbing and brakes are finished

June 2015

The suspension components including spares,  and the original pedals are back from the plater and ready for final assembly

Engine assembly is complete - ready for plug wires

                            then off to the dyno!

Body prep is underway

August 2015

'great run on the dyno!


... finally ready to go into the car

August  2017
Final assembly is in progress

Car delivered October 2017!

Bill's workmanship was outstanding and the car is immaculate! 

                         Well worth the wait!

   The Amelia Island

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